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How Does It Work?

1. Register Your Username

Let's say your username is johndoe. You can now use * (or .me) as your email. Where * denotes any valid local part for an email address.

If you would like to remain anonymous choose a username that is not linked to your real name or identify and that you haven't used anywhere else.

You can also create aliases at shared domains if you are concerned about others linking alias ownership to you.

Email Aliases

2. Create Aliases

Either on the fly or generated beforehand. Next time you are signing up to a website or newsletter, simply make up a new alias and enter that instead of your real email address.

For example, if you are on and you want to sign up to their newsletter you could simply enter (or .me).

We'll automatically create the alias in your dashboard as soon as it receives its first email. You can reply to emails and send from aliases anonymously too!

3. Manage Aliases

Let's say a spammer gets hold of one of your aliases and starts sending unsolicited email to it. You can simply toggle a switch in your dashboard and deactivate that alias.

Our system will then silently discard any further emails and you won't be forwarded anything else for that alias.

You can also delete the alias. Then our system will reject any emails and respond with an error.

Manage Aliases

Features You'll Love

Browser Extension

Browser Extension

Generate new aliases in a couple of clicks straight from your browser using the open-source browser extension.

The extension is available for download on Firefox and Chrome!

Also available on other chromium based browsers such as Brave and Vivaldi.

GPG/OpenPGP Encryption

Bring your own GPG/OpenPGP public keys and add them per recipient.

You can then easily toggle encryption on and off. With encryption on, all forwarded messages will be encrypted with your public key. Only you will be able to decrypt them with the corresponding private key.

This is great if you are using Gmail or Outlook and wish to prevent any inbox snooping.

GPG/OpenPGP Encryption
Custom Domains

Custom Domains

If you have your own domain you can add it and use it exactly like your username subdomain aliases e.g.

You can also enable or disable the catch-all functionality for each of your domains.

You can then manage your aliases and deactivate/delete any that start receiving spam!

Blend Into The Crowd

If you don't like the fact that all your aliases contain your username then you can generate random unique aliases from your dashboard.

The generated aliases will look something like this or

This prevents anyone linking ownership of the alias to you.

UUID Aliases
Reply to and Send from

Reply To And Send From Aliases

Reply anonymously to forwarded emails, the sender will receive the email as if it has come from the alias.

You can even initiate an email conversation by sending an email from one of your aliases.

Your real email address is not revealed when replying or sending from an alias.

Add Additional Usernames

You can add additional usernames to your account and use them exactly like the one you signed up with.

So if you signed up as johndoe you can add johnsmith as an additional username and then use too.

This can be used to compartmentalise your aliases. You could have a username for work emails a different one for personal emails etc.

Additional Usernames
Multiple Recipients

Multiple Recipients Per Alias

If you'd like an alias to go to more than one recipient you can easily add multiple recipients from your dashboard.

You can even add recipients to an alias as it is created by doing

Where 2,3 and 4 are the keys for existing recipients in your account.

API Access

Manage your aliases, recipients, domains and additional usernames using the AnonAddy API.

In order to use the API you first need to generate an API access token in your account settings.

View API documentation



Unlimited Standard Aliases
20 Shared Domain Aliases
2 Recipients
Public Key Per Recipient
API Access
10MB Monthly Bandwidth
Everything in the Free plan
50 Shared Domain Aliases
1 Custom Domain
1 Additional Username
5 Recipients
20 daily Anonymous Replies/Sends
Access to Paid Plan Settings
Option to disable catch-all
3 Additional Alias Domains
Priority Email Queue
50MB Monthly Bandwidth
View Failed Deliveries
$1 / month

Billed Yearly

Everything in the Lite plan
Unlimited Shared Domain Aliases
20 Custom Domains
10 Additional Usernames
30 Recipients
100 daily Anonymous Replies/Sends
Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
$3 / month

Billed Yearly, $4 Billed Monthly

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